How do I track email RSVP's for events and meetings?

An Outlook meeting request/calendar item is not an email message, so PoliteMail can’t track it the same way.

Here is the workaround:

1. Save a calendar item file (.ics or .vcs file) for the meeting
a. Add the meeting or event to your Outlook Calendar
b. Select the meeting, and use Outlook File > Save As
c. Choose iCalendar format (compatible with mobile/apple and newer versions of Outlook)
or vCalendar format (compatible with Outlook) and save

2. Create a new Outlook message, including the calendar item
a. Use PoliteMail SmartAttachment to add the calendar item as a link, and you can change the text of the link to read:
Add ‘this event’ to your Calendar
b. Use PoliteMail Simple Survey tool to add an RSVP question to your message, select the Yes/No/Maybe option to
track accepts and declines

3. After sending the message, use Track Results to monitor Yes/No/Maybe answers and people who clicked the calendar item to add it to their own calendars. You may also use the follow-up tools to resend reminders to those who answered Maybe, and last minute event reminders to those who said Yes or added the appointment.

What is the difference between using the "PoliteMail mail server" and "Your Outlook Outbox" in the server connection settings?

PoliteMail always works with your Exchange server and your Outlook client, however by choosing the “PoliteMail mail server” setting gives you additional features in PoliteMail, and can improve the offloading of messages from Outlook to Exchange by intervening and spooling the messages.   For the PoliteMail server to work in this mode there are additional setup steps that must be completed, pass-through permissions allocated.