How do I use web analytics to track my web visitors which originate from an Outlook email message click?

You can track you website visitors using a web analytics tool like Google Analytics.

Often, these visitors will arrive at your site because of a link within an email message you sent. PoliteMail will tell you which, and how many, recipients clicked a particular link into your website, and Google analytics can track their other page views from there.

PoliteMail provides a tool which enables Google Analytics to track your email traffic by campaign.

Here’s how add Google Analytics link tracking to your email links

For incoming web traffic, Google Analytics is looking for some specfic variables, and PoliteMail will pass those along when Google Analytics tracking is enabled.

You may automatically add Google Analytics tracking to all tracked messages (for specific domains) using the PoliteMail Google Anaytics button at the top of the inbox.

Or, you may add Google Analytics tracking to any particular message, by using the PoliteMail > Google Analytics button within the Outlook New Message window.

To Add Google Analytics tracking to every PoliteMail message

To add Google Analytics tracking to a specific PoliteMail message

You can select to use the email subject line as your Google Analtyics Campaign tag, or you may input a specific tag name.

Use Google Analytics view by Campaign, or view by Referrer to see your email results