Managing multiple inboxes in Outlook? Want to track replies, out-of-office and undeliverables in the secondary inbox? Here's how to configure PoliteMail.

How to track undeliverables and out-of-office from multiple mailboxes

By default, PoliteMail will monitor your primary Outlook inbox folder for any replies, out-of-office messages and undeliverables related to tracked sends.

If you are managing or sending from multiple mailboxes, then you must let PoliteMail know to monitor those inboxes for incoming messages.

To do so, use PoliteMail > Settings > Preference > Using More Than One Mailbox


1. Go to PoliteMail > Account Settings > Preferences
2. Scroll down to “Using More Than One Inbox?”, Click Add
3. In the Select Folder dialog, select the secondary Inbox folder
(or other Outlook folder) you want PoliteMail to monitor.
4. Click OK
5. Click Save at the bottom of the Preferences page

This procedure will also work for those of you who have set-up Outlook rules to automatically move messages from the Inbox into designated folders. You can set your designated folder as one PoliteMail should monitor (instead of the Inbox).

If you have existing undeliverables you want tracked from those folders, select that secondary Inbox folder within Outlook, and use the PoliteMail > Process Undeliverables option to kick start the process.

After a bit of processing time, those messages should be removed from the inbox, tracked by PoliteMail, and moved to the PoliteMail Undeliverables folder.