My Mailing List Name Won't Validate in the To: Field

Can’t send to a PoliteMail Mailing List because your listname won’t validate (underline) within the Outlook To: field?

When sending to PoliteMail Mailings lists, or local Outlook distribution groups, Outlook utilizes it’s Address Book service to validate the list and access members of the list.

When a list goes into the Outlook To: field, it should appear like: [+] MailingListName;
If it doesn’t, Outlook and PoliteMail will not be able to send to that mailing list successfully.

Sometimes an Outlook profile could be installed without the Address Book service enabled.
Click here to enable the Address Book service in Outlook

If the Address Book service is installed, the PoliteMail temporary list folder must be set to used as an Outlook Address book. Here is how you do that.

  1. Click Contacts
  2. Right-click PoliteMail temporary Lists
  3. Click Properties
  4. Select the Address Books tab, and check the box for Use this folder as an e-mail Address Book
    Note: if this checkbox option is grayed out, then you need to activate the Outlook Address Book Service first
  5. Click OK

Use PoliteMail Mailings Lists in Outlook<

Extra image attachments after I send my email

If you paste images into your email, or use Outlook’s Insert picture command, Outlook will place the images into your email as file attachments.

When you send to yourself or other Outlook users within your company, you may not see the attachments – but your recipients may see them once you send outside of your network (e.g. to a gmail account).

Outlook will also keep a temporary copy of deleted or replaced images within the email while editing. However, when you save the email as a PoliteMail Template, all those attachments are included. So when you reload the template and send it, you it may attach some images which are not in use within the email.

To remove these, open the template in an Outlook email, then select all (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C).
Now open a new Outlook message, and paste (Ctrl-V).
Type or copy in your subject line, then use PoliteMail Save As Template.

This procedure will strip out any unused images from the template.

If you load images into your email using PoliteMail > Add Graphic Image, you will not have this issue.

Images never loading when I use Add Graphic Image

Pictures or images not loading?
Ensure you are using a compatible RGB graphic format

If, after selecting your image to upload, PoliteMail just spins and the images never loads, the your image is most likely not in a format PoliteMail can process.

This usually happens if .jpg images were saved in CMYK format instead of RGB format. If you load the image into your image editing software and resave the image in RBG format, the Add Graphic Image command will work.

Graphic images for email should be in web format, which is an RBG image saved at 72 or 96dpi (screen resolution) in .jpg, .gif or .png format.

Do not use CMYK images, which is a print format. Do not use .eps or .tiff formats or native image editor formats.

The standard PoliteMail template and banner width is 640 pixels, which enables printing from email on most 8.5×11 or A size papers.

Links to internal sites not working in IE9? Add PoliteMail Server to Trusted Zones

If links to intranet or internal site pages are not working when sent tracked, but only for users on IE9?

This is a result of a security feature in IE9 which blocks links that traverse from an untrusted zone into a trusted zone. Most likely, your own internal site domain has been included in the IE trusted sites zone, but the PoliteMail tracking server has not. To fix this, simply add your PoliteMail Server domain to the trusted sites zone list.

See also: Use Group Policy to Add Trusted Sites to IE9

Use Group Policy to Set Trusted Sites in IE9:

  1. In Group Policy Management, load the Trusted Sites Zone template
  2. Under User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsInternet ExplorerInternet Control PanelSecurity Page, click Site to Zone Assignment List
  3. Click Enabled.
  4. Click Show.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the Enter the name of the item to be added field, put in the domain name of your PoliteMail Tracking server (e.g. )
  7. In the Enter the value of the item to be added, enter the number 2 (2 = Trusted Sites)
  8. Click OK

Allow time for GPO refresh, then this will take effect upon the users next workstation restart, or run gpoupdate on the workstations for policy to take effect.