Step 2: Send a tracked message

Sending PoliteMail Messages

You send PoliteMail just like your send your regular Outlook email. The only thing you have to do differently when you want to send tracked PoliteMail, is to select the 1to1 with Tracking option at the top of Outlook’s new message window.

  1. Start a New Outlook message
  2. Put your lists or individual addresses into the To: field
  3. Select 1to1 with Tracking
  4. Click Send

When your PoliteMail Server setting is set to send via the Outbox (the default) you should see PoliteMail process all the individual recipients, and put the total messages into your Outbox.

This works best for list and group sends of Send email via PoliteMail Server option. With this option, the email will be delivered via a PoliteMail Server, or for corporate accounts can be figured to deliver to your Exchange Server (for internal communications).