Understanding Interactions

Tracking Results with Email Metrics – Understanding Interactions

PoliteMail uses specific icons to identify the different interactions a contact may have with a message, from an open confirmation to an opt-out request. Interactions result from you sending PoliteMail (individually tracked email) to recipients. Because PoliteMail tracks messages and not contacts, a  new message sent to you will not be tracked or appear in PoliteMail (unless it is a reply to a tracked message).

The Recent Interactions panel shows you the most recent 100 interactions, listed in order from most recent (displayed with a pale yellow background) to oldest (fading from yellow to white to gray as they age).

To view all interactions, use Track Results > All Interactions.  To view the complete interaction history for a particular contact, use the PoliteMail > Contact Profile > Edit > Interaction History tab.

Individual Interaction Icons & Meanings

Sent Message: You sent a tracked message to this contact/group/list

Open Confirmation: Your recipient displayed the content of the tracked message

Link Click: Your recipient clicked a link you included in the tracked message

Smart Attachment Open: Your recipient opened a Smart Attachment you included

Forward: Someone (another computer) other than your original receipient opened the tracked message

Reply: Your recipient replied to a tracked message you sent

Subscribe: Your recipient subscribed to one of your mailing lists using the opt-in form

Unsubscribe: Your recipient unsubscribed to a mailing list using the opt-out form

Undeliverable: Your message hard-bounced and was undeliverable to this recipient

Opt-out: Your recipient opted-out of all commercial email from you

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