Undeliverable Messages in the Inbox or Junk Folder

PoliteMail automatically processes undeliverables, but may get out of synch. If you have undeliverable/bounce messages in your Inbox, then PoliteMail has either not processed them, or they are not a format PoliteMail recognizes. If you have undeliverable messages in your Junk Folder, select and drag the mail items into your Inbox. Use PoliteMail > Process Undeliverables to initiate undeliverable processing.  You should see the undeliverable mesage items being removed from your Inbox.  If undeliverable items remain in your Inbox, then PoliteMail does not recognize the format. You may submit these to us by using PoliteMail > Request Support, then select the undeliverable items within your Inbox and drag them onto the support request email, so they will be sent as attachments. Change the subject line to “uncaught undeliverables” and Send. Our technical team will add these undeliverable formats to our filters in future versions of the software.

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