Reusing Saved Images

Creating Messages and Using Email TemplatesReusing an Image from the Content Library

When you Add Graphic Image the file also is stored in your PoliteMail Content Library for easy reuse. There is no limit on the number of images or files you may store within the Content Library.  These files become accessible to other members of your team when multiple licenses of PoliteMail are installed within your account. For example, once a user adds your company logo, the file becomes available to the other users.

To reuse an image from the Content Library:

  1. In the Outlook editor place the cursor where you want the image, or select an image you want to replace.
  2. Open the Graphics folder from within the Content Library and double-click on the name of the image file you want. To search for an image file, click Content Library and select Search Library.
  3. The image will appear in the body of the message (placed by reference). To wrap text around your image, select the image, then use the Align Left, Align Right, or Align None buttons.

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