Managing Undelivered Messages

PoliteMail manages undeliverable email for you automatically.  It removes any undeliverable messages from your Inbox, places them into the Undeliverables folder (added to your Outlook Mail Folders, below the Inbox and Sent Items) and tracks any hard bounces (undeliverable error codes in the 500 range) as undeliverable.  Other returned messages, including soft bounces and delay messages, should not be considered undeliverable as the email will typically get through later.  Undeliverables are shown on your list using a gray box behind the PoliteMail contact icon to indicate the address was undeliverable on the last email sent.

When sending to a large list some undeliverable messages may come in immediately, but PoliteMail may take a few moments to begin processing undeliverables from your Inbox. In the event PoliteMail does not process them after the sending is complete, you can use PoliteMail > Process Undeliverables to initiate it.  If there are undeliverables remaining in your inbox, you may select and drag those items into the Undeliverables folder for processing.  If undeliverable messages get put into your junk email folder, then select and drag those items into your Inbox, then use PoliteMail > Process Undeliverables to process and remove them.

To view or export your list of all undeliverables:

  1. Click Manage Lists from the PoliteMail toolbar.
  2. Click the Undeliverable tab.
  3. View or search the list of all undeliverables, or use the Export button and select a format.

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