Import Outook Contacts and Folders into PoliteMail

When importing Outlook Contact records, PoliteMail will import only those records with email addresses, and will not import duplicates (those with identical email addresses). You also may import an Outlook folder, which will scan through the mail items to find people you have sent to or received email from in the past.

To import your Outlook Contacts or other Outlook Folders into a mailing list:

1. Click Manage Lists from the PoliteMail toolbar.
2. Click the Actions button > Import from Outlook.
3. Select your Outlook Contacts or a Folder and click OK.

Once you have selected your data source for the import, complete the dialogs to finish the import process. Once complete, your new or updated list will be available from Manage Lists.

4. Name your new list, or select an existing list to import into, and click Next.
5. Ensure all the data fields are aligned (PoliteMail will take its best guess), and click Import.
6. Within the Manage Lists window, double-click the list nameto view all the contacts on the list.

To complete your import process, just give your import a name or select an existing list to import into, then click Next.
Ensure the data from your import is being mapped to the proper PoliteMail fields (best guess is made by default).

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