Enabling Opt-Out

Enabling Opt-Out

Selecting Enable Opt-Out adds an automated opt-out compliance footer to your email message or template. To be CAN-SPAM compliant, any commercial email message sent within the U.S., whether to one person or a list of thousands, must contain an automated opt-out link and the sender’s postal mailing address. The postal address is from the fields set in the PoliteMail > Accounts Settings page.

The opt-out footer is optional when sending via your email server, as there are times when you may want to track non-commercial email, or when PoliteMail is used for internal corporate communications and no opt-out footer is necessary or required.

When a recipient clicks the opt-out link, they will pull up a standardized opt-out web page and must confrim their opt-out with a click. If you are using subscription lists, the recipient will have the option of removing themselves from a specific list, or from all commercial email from your domain. If they confirm the opt-out, the recipient will be auto-removed from your list, their contact record will be marked as opted-out, and the system will prevent you from sending PoliteMail to them in the future (if they opted-out of all commercial email).

UK, European, Asian and Canadian anti-spam legislation also requires an automated opt-out link, and in most countries outside the U.S., recipients must have specifically opted-in to your list before you may send commercial email to them legally.

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