Creating Your Own Newsletters & Campaigns Using Templates

PoliteMail provides a variety of HTML formats and professionally designed templates you can utilize for your own email messages. Creating an HTML message within Outlook is a two-step process. First, select and load the HTML template format you want into the Outlook editor, then use the Outlook editor as you normally would to add text, cut and paste, modify fonts and colors, and include links, graphics, and attachments.
To create a new HTML message from a template:

  1. Begin with a New Outlook message, then use PoliteMail> Create New Template.
  2. Use the Create Template tab to select Page Format, Fonts, Color Theme and Place into Outlook.
  3. Use the Outlook editor and PoliteMail’s editing tools to add your own text, graphics and links to the email message template.
Start a New Outlook message, then click PoliteMail > Create New Template to access PoliteMail’s HTML Page Creator.  Then select your page format, font, and color theme, then Place into Outlook to edit text and links.

To load a saved template from your Content Library:

  1. Open a New message.
  2. Expand the Templates folder in the Content Library and double-click the name of the template you want to use to load it into the Outlook editor.
  3. To search for a template, click the arrow next to Content Library, select Search Library, then type in your search term(s) and press the Enter key.


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