Creating and Using the Opt-in Forms

PoliteMail provides tools that enable you to add subscribers and capture email addresses and contact data via an Opt-in form. These forms are accessible via a link to your account area on the PoliteMail Server, or you may put the form code on yoru own website. Once the form is submitted, the data (e.g. name and email address) is automatically loaded into your PoliteMail mailing list.

Use the Opt-in Builder to create sign-up forms and capture emails directly into your PoliteMail mailing lists.

PoliteMail account administrators may build Opt-in forms using the following process:

  1. Choose PoliteMail > Account Settings.
  2. Click the Opt-in Builder tab.
  3. Click New Opt-in Form from the toolbar to open the Opt-in Builder window.
  4. Use the Opt-in Form Editor tools to modify the form as desired.
  5. Select a standard combination of Form Fields using the radio button options.
  6. Use the Add Fields tab to drag and drop additional data field into your form.
  7. Using the Thank You Message tab to modify the message displayed once the form is submitted.
  8. Use the HTML Code tab to get the code you need to add the form to your own website.
  9. Use the Live Preview tab to test the form and link to the live opt-in form (this link may be used as a sign-up link within your email newsletter, for example).
  10. Click Save to save your changes and activate the form.

If you prefer to use a closed loop opt-in (double opt-in) process in which the new subscriber must respond to a confirmation email before being added to the list:

  1. Select the Require Confirmed Opt-in (Double Opt-in) check box.
  2. Use the Confirm Opt-in Email tab to modify the confirmation email message. This is the text message that is automatically sent to the email address submitted in the opt-in form. The PoliteMail system will automatically place the correct confirmation link when the email is sent.
  3. Use Live Preview to test the opt-in process and link to the live opt-in form (this link may be used as a sign-up link within your email newsletter, for example.

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