Adding Personalization to a Message

Adding Personalization to an Email Message

PoliteMail’s Personalize feature allows you to address each individual recipient by name, making the individualized messages of a list mailing appear as a personal message addressed just to them. You can also use personalization fields to data you have imported for each contact into the email (e.g. company name or website).

Here’s how to add a personalization field (sometimes called a merge field or mail-merge field) to your email message:

  1. Place the cursor within the message where you want the personalization.
  2. Use PoliteMail > Personalization and choose the field you want to insert.
  3. The field text is inserted into your message and the data will be replaced (merged) when you Send.

When you choose a personalization field, text is inserted into your email message such as “Hi [RecipientFirstName]:”.  Like any other text in your message, you may cut and paste, modify the appearance (font, size and color), or edit the “Hi” to “Hello” or “Dear” by retyping. Do not edit or change the personalization field name within the square brackets  (e.g. “[RecipientFirstName]”). When sending to a PoliteMail mailing list you may use any combination of personalization fields within your email message. Note however, when there is no corresponding data for a particular contact, it will be left blank.

Personalization is limited on Outlook Distribution Groups. When sending to Outlook Distribution Groups, Outlook Contacts or addresses you have typed into the To: field, PoliteMail has access to only the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields. If you use a personalization field such as Title or Company, but have not imported the data into a PoliteMail mailing list, then it will be left blank.

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