Adding Graphics and Pictures to Outlook Messages

PoliteMail makes it easy to use and reuse graphic images within your email messages, while keeping your list mailings small and fast. If you paste an image in, or use Outlook’s insert picture command it will work, but the email size will increase, which will slow the send process down, particularly to large lists.

Here’s how to add a logo, banner, picture or other graphic image to your email message:

  1. Within Outlook’s email editor, place the cursor where you want the image to appear, or select the image you want to replace.
  2. Click PoliteMail > Add Graphic Image and browse to your image file (web format .jpg, .gif or .png) and click Open.
  3. The image will appear in the body of the message (placed by reference) and will automatically be saved in the Content Library (for reuse and/or sharing with multiple PoliteMail users within your account).
  4. To wrap text around your image: select the image and use the Align Left, Right, or None buttons.

Note that if you paste in images or use Outlook’s insert picture (instead of PoliteMail’s Add Graphic Image) your images will be embedded into your email message as file attachments. They won’t display as file attachments when sending to other Outlook users, however, if you sent to other email programs like on an iPhone, Hotmail or Gmail, the images will show up as file attachments.

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